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Nice game

This game was awesome. Please do more :)

I didn't really think it was that good, although the jumpscares got me.

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The game was fun but i recorded two games but here is the link to the other game and share the love... the jumpscares got me real good.

Tasty Ramen :


Screw you, i shit my pants at the window! It is the second game of the 3 and the atmosphere really got me. Kudos on this one.


This was one of the first games I ever played on my channel! Thanks for making it. =]

I played this game over a month ago but here's my video: plz subscribe

An interesting game , it was certainly more surprising than outright scary but still good, there were issues with lighting i found, some areas are very dimly lit and you could not always see what you were doing and the torch did not always illuminate the room well other than that it was put together well and it was a fun experience.

I featured this in my compilation it is the final video on the vdeio.

A silly but charming horror game! Keep working at it and I hope to hear more from you! Check out my video!

Well today is your lucky day beacuse I have updated my 2nd game about 5 hours ago xD

You can check that one too.

Okay I will have to check it out!

Those were some good jump scares. I really enjoyed the game. This game was crazy good. 

Today, I have updated my 2nd game, you can check that one too on my page. Enjoy :)

Btw thnx for playing my game. I guess your sister was watching you while you were playing.

Yes she was. She liked it as well. I will check out the game

Really Cool game, spooked the hell out of me, Please consider checking my video and subscribing!


This one freaked me out right from that reflection in that know what I'm talking about.

I really loved this game, i'll give the new version a try soon and maybe upload that one as well!  You did great! 

I have updated my 2nd game yesterday which is 80% relative to granny and I really need reactions on it beacuse it took me 5 months to create that game!

Btw I really like your name because I usually use the "Boi" word with my friends. It looks cool to me.

You shall have that reaction from me! I shall do some recording and review it for you!


Really enjoyed playing this game. I like the way it built the suspense and then hit you hard at the end. I also played The Open House recently and saw it was a similar house as well. I'm really looking forward to your next game! If you're interested, it's game 1 of this episode. Cheers!


I updated my 2nd game today. You can check it out by visiting my page.

Is that the same House from The Open House aka House Party & maybe a few other Horrorgames with that House?


enjoyed the game, thanks!

(im not trying to be rude) but im really dissapointed because this house is used 100 times at least in other games like mortem ,house party, the survey , zombie claus,open house and other more ...i hope you take this in consideration for your next projects .thank you

I did not know that because it was my first game.I don't play itch games that much because i am a fan of battle royale online games. I'm 100% happy with your statement. I am working on my third game and i build full level by myself xD.

thanks for taking this as a critique :)

You can check out my 2nd game by visiting my page.

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These are both great games. I didn't realize this second game A Sold House was from a different developer!

At first I wasn't sure what I was going to expect, but then I was completely surprised hahaha! Fun game!

Hellow there creator. I played your game and the jumpscares got me really good. After 3 months it feels pretty good to get those jumpscares again. Thanks for that. Anyway enjoy my video here.

Gave it a go...

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this game is boring


It was my first game pal

Your game is interesting and has same good jumpscares, good job. My gameplay is in portuguese.

Seu jogo é interessante e tem alguns bons sustos, bom trabalho. Minha gameplay está em português.

Game is good so far!  Here's my let's play for the game! :) 

My mom and I played this and lemme tell you, it wasn't too bad :) Definitely needs some more atmosphere and the jumpscares were a little much, but all in all, we enjoyed playing! It was a lot of fun seeing how scared my mom got! <3 Thank you for making the game! 

not bad game it look nice game start at 9:05

There's some angry delivery people in this neighborhood jeez haha this was decent for a first game, but a very basic horror game. The jump scares def get ya good tho lol I'm looking forward to your future projects!

Good work!


I am gonna upload my next project tomorrow and i am glad that you are curious.

The jumpscares really got me haha


BRO IT WAS SICK. For real, i don't remember the last time a horror game dragged me intro the atmosphere like your game. REALLY GOOD BRO

Thnx for playing and i hope you enjoyed it.

Scared the shit out of me! Great to play for some quick jump-scares.

Is mainly jump scares but I still enjoyed it quite a bit! Not bad for a first project! Keep it up! :)

Played through it. The jump-scares got me good even though it was a very short game. Not bad for a first game! Definitely recommend it if you're looking for a short horror game.

I like this game. You did very good job for the first time. I expect more awesome games from you in the future :) Keep up the good work :)

btw if you are interested in video:

I enjoyed this game but  my only issue was the shadows. With enoug polishing up I can see this game being a hit.

Not too bad, felt the jumpscares were a little random though.

Its Short but Good!!

It's my first game and i will do my best in 2nd game. xD

okey.. I will wait then...!

I piss my pants before even playing it

The environment is completely silent and idk why did you scare ...

This game got me pretty good. Congratulations. I enjoyed playing!

Short and sweet! or should I say short and scary? LOL This game got me for real. Love the non-typical jumpscares.

I was eager to upload my game and i did not add more jumpscares!

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